Rum Old Fashioned

3 minutes /
Rum Old Fashioned
60 ml 2 oz Dark Rum
2 Bars spoon Sugar
3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
1 Lime wedge
1 Orange

1 Prepare

Zest 2 large strips of Orange for zesting

2 Sugar and Bitters

Pour the sugar into your glass. Add the bitters onto the sugar

3 Splash of Rum

Measure up and add a splash of the Rum and 1 ice cube into the mix

4 Stir

Stir the drink for around 20 seconds, melting the ice and dissolving the sugar

5 Zest

Zest one of the orange zests into the drink and drop it in

6 Rum and Ice

Add the rest of your Rum and some more ice cubes

7 Stir again

Stir the drink again for around 20 seconds

8 Ice , garnish and serve

Top with a couple more ice cubes and garnish with your final orange zest

The Cocktail

A Twist on the classic Old Fashioned which traditionally uses Whiskey, this Rum variant adds slightly sweeter more rounder characteristics.


Bartender Tip:

The Orange oils zested over the drink really make a difference, lifting the overall flavours and binding them together.

Recommended Glass
Whisky Tumbler

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