Pineapple Black

3 minutes /
Pineapple Black
90 ml 3 oz Pineapple juice
60 ml 2 oz Lime Juice
1 Bars spoon Activated carbon
45 ml 1.5 oz Garden Seedlip 108
15 ml 0.5 oz Oregano syrup
Flower garnish

1 Prepare

Prepare your lime for squeezing and garnish

2 Ice

Fill both your martini glass and cocktail shaker with cubed ice

3 Add ingredients

Add the activated carbon inside the shaker. Add the pineapple juice, the lime juice , syrup , garden 108

4 Shake

Close the shaker lid and Shake hard for 25sec to dissolve the activated carbon

5 Fine Strain

Empty the ice in your martini glass back into your ice bucket. Take off the small top off the shaker and fine strain out the mix into your chilled glass.

6 Garnish and serve

Gently garnish with your flower.

The Cocktail

Fabinho made this beautiful detox non-alcoholic cocktail for your well being.

Activated carbon helps to reduce cholesterol and is a big detoxifying tool.  The high content of fiber from the pineapple and the vegetable and the touch of the oregano makes this mocktail one of the best options to enjoy as a brunch.


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