Old Fashioned

4 minutes /
Old Fashioned
60 ml 2 oz Whisky
2 Bars spoon Sugar
3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
2 peel Orange

1 Prepare

Zest 2 large strips of Orange for zesting

2 Sugar and Bitters

Pour the sugar into your glass. Add the bitters onto the sugar

3 Splash of whisky

Measure up and add a splash of the whisky and 1 ice cube into the mix

4 Stir

Stir the drink for around 20 seconds, melting the ice and dissolving the sugar

5 Zest

Zest one of the orange zests into the drink and drop it in

6 Whisky and ice

Add the rest of your whisky and some more ice cubes

7 Stir again

Stir the drink again for around 20 seconds

8 Ice, Garnish and serve

Top with a couple more ice cubes and garnish with your final orange zest

The Cocktail

It may be Old by name, but this particular recipe and method is relatively modern and has become one of the most ordered cocktails in top bars Globally!


Bartender Tip:

An Old Fashioned can be made with pretty much any dark spirit. Choose your favourite to twist this classic.

Recommended Glass
Whisky Tumbler

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