Mezcal Negroni

2 minutes /
Mezcal Negroni
30 ml 1.5 oz Mezcal
30 ml 1.5 oz Campari
30 ml 1.5 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 peel 1 peel Orange

1 Prepare

Peel a large zest from a fresh orange ready for garnish

2 Ice

Fill your rocks glass with cubed ice

3 Add ingredients

Pour in the equal measure of each ingredient

4 Stir

Using your bar spoon, stir all the ingredients together well.

5 Garnish and serve

Spray the oils from the zest by twisting it over the drink for that citrus aroma.

The Cocktail

There are no complications with a Negroni…just 3 equal measures, stirred in your glass! Strong, bitter, and punchy. The mezcal Negroni puts a smoky spin on this classic cocktail! The way the smoke of mezcal balances the bitter Campari makes an even better drink.


Bartender Tip:

Try to change the orange for grapefruit to make the cocktail stingier, patience is always recommended in the mix to cool everything well.

Recommended Glass
Whisky Tumbler

Tasting profile