Gin & Tonic Grapefruit & Thyme

2 minutes /
Gin & Tonic Grapefruit & Thyme
50 ml 2 oz Gin
150 ml 6 oz Tonic
1 Grapefruit wedge
Thyme sprig

1 Prepare

Cut a nice thick wedge of your grapefruit and find your thyme ready for garnish

2 Fill ice

Fill your glass with quality ice cubes

3 Add Gin and tonic

Pour in your Gin and top up with tonic over the ice

4 Stir

Gently stir all the ingredients together for the perfect balance.

5 Garnish and serve

Garnish with your grapefr4uit wedge and thyme sprig. Bash the sprig on the glass for extra aroma

The Cocktail

Arguably the most popular cocktail WorldWide! So simple, yet so refreshingly tasty. Ensure lots of ice and fresh fruit to compliment your gin your choice for a winning combination. 


Bartender Tip:

Squeeze some grapefruit juice into the mix for extra flavor.

Recommended Glass
Copa Highball

Tasting profile