Frozen Margarita

4 minutes /
Frozen Margarita
60 ml 2 oz Tequila
20 ml 0.75 oz Triple Sec / Cointreau
20 ml 0.75 oz Lime Juice
10 ml 0.3 oz Agave syrup
1 Lime wedge

1 Prepare

Prepare your Lime for garnish and juicing

2 Crushed Ice

Pour in 4 scoops of crushed ice into the blender

3 Add ingredients

Pour in all your ingredients over the ice

4 Blend

Wizz everything for around 9 seconds

5 Fill glass

Empty the blender into your glass

6 Garnish and serve

Garnish with your lime wedge

The Cocktail

Frozen margaritas were first served in La Jolla when Albert Hernandez Sr. stopped using crushed ice and instead combined the ingredients in a blender in 1947. The dedicated frozen margarita machine was introduced by Mariano Martinez in Dallas in 1971.

Bartender Tip:
The little secret of this frozen margarita is to replace the normally used simple syrup with agave nectar. The frozen twist gives us a beautiful balance between the alcohols, allowing a greater acceptance in the mouth and refreshing sense.

Recommended Glass
Margarita glass

Tasting profile