French Martini

3 minutes /
French Martini
50 ml 2 oz Vodka
75 ml 2.5 oz Pineapple juice
25 ml 1 oz Chambord
1 Pineapple wedge

1 Prepare garnish

Cut your pineapple wedge ready for garnishing

2 Ice

Fill both your martini glass and shaker with ice

3 Add ingredients

Pour in all 3 ingredients into your shaker

4 Shake

Close the shaker and shake hard for 9 seconds

5 Empty and Strain

Empty the ice in your martini glass back into the ice bucket. Take off the small top off the shaker and strain out the mix into your chilled glass.

6 Garnish and serve

Garnish with a wedge of pineapple

The Cocktail

Not actually French. Or actually a Martini for that matter. Yet, this fruity, foam topped straight up cocktail works well. A strong vodka base, an exoticness from the pineapple juice and a punch from the Chambord shake together for a scrumptious French Martini.


Bartender Tip:

Its the enzymes in the Pineapple juice that create the wonderful foam on this cocktail.

Recommended Glass
Coupe Martini

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