Classic Champagne Cocktail

3 minutes /
Classic Champagne Cocktail
120 ml 4 oz Champagne
30 ml 1 oz Cognac
1 Sugar cube
5 Dashes Angostura Bitters

1 Prepare

Place a napkin over the top of your glass and place the sugar cube on top

2 Soak cube

Soak the sugar cube with the angostura bitters. Drop the cube off the napkin into the bottom of your glass

3 Add ingredients

Pour in the Cognac over the sugar. Slowly (there will be alot of fizz) pour the champagne inside

4 Stir and serve

Gentle stir the ingredients together allowing the sugar to ‘bubble’

The Cocktail

A wonderful concoction that adds that extra effervescence and kick to a glass of fizz. The bitters add depth, the cognac an oomph and the sugar a touch of sweetness and additional bubbles.


Bartender Tip:

Keep stirring this drink to keep the bubbles bubbling…the flavour will change as the sugar slowly dissolves

Recommended Glass
Champagne flute

Tasting profile