Champagne Punch

6 minutes /
Champagne Punch
150 ml 5 oz Triple Sec
Triple Sec
Triple sec is a generic term for a sweet, clear orange-flavored liqueur. It contains 15–40% alcohol by volume level. It is made by macerating sun-dried orange skins in alcohol for at least 24 hours before going through a three-step distilling process. The most popular brand is COINTREAU
500 ml 16 oz Cranberry Juice
500 ml 16 oz Ginger Ale
750 ml 25 oz Champagne 1 bottle
100 ml 3.5 oz Lime Juice
12 Raspberries
12 Mint leaves
1 Orange

1 Prepare

1/2 fill your punch bowl with large cubed ice

2 Add ingredients

Pour in all your ingredients over the ice. As your mixing glass is 500ml you can use this to measure.

3 Lime juice

Chop your limes and juice in

4 Prepare your garnish

Chop your orange into slices and find your raspberries and mint.

5 Stir and test

Using your barspoon, stir and mix all the ingredients together well. Have a small test to check flavour balance (allowing for further dilution), adapt if necessary.

6 Garnish and serve

Place your orange slices and float on top of the punch along with the raspberries and mint.

The Cocktail

A sparkling Champagne punch will add a pizzazz and elegance to any party! This recipe combines the bubbles with rich sweet triplesec,tart cranberry juice and the light spice of gingerale.


Bartender Tip:

The bigger the blocks of ice, the slower the dilution and colder the punch will be. Use an old ice cream tub to create a large block.

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