3 minutes /
60 ml 2 oz Cachaca
3 Bars spoon 3 Bars spoon Sugar
Half Lime

1 Prepare

Chop 1/2 a large lime into quartets (halved wedges)

2 Lime and sugar

Place inside your tumbler glass and spoon the sugar on top

3 Muddle

Using your muddler, squish the limes well, releasing the juices

4 Add crushed ice

Add crushed ice until the glass is 3/4 full

5 Add Cachaca

Pour in the Cachaca over the ice

6 Stir

Using your Bar spoon, stir in a 3D motion mixing all the ingredients together

7 More crushed ice and serve

Top up and pack with more crushed ice for the perfect mix

The Cocktail

This national cocktail of Brazil is a simple and tasty libation, imagine yourself sipping one on the beaches of Ipanema. The rich Cachaca is balanced perfectly with the muddled limes and sugar packed tight with plenty of crushed ice.


Bartender Tip:

A fantastic addition to this cocktail is fresh fruit. Grab some seasonal berries or passionfruit to brighten up and twist your Caipirinha.

Recommended Glass
Whisky Tumbler

Tasting profile