Bucks Fizz

2 minutes /
Bucks Fizz
100 ml 4 oz Champagne
50 ml 2 oz Orange juice
1 Orange zest

1 Prepare

Zest your orange ready for garnish

2 Champagne

Slowly, pour the Champagne in flute glass

3 Orange juice

Pour your orange juice in

4 Stir, garnish and serve

Using your barspoon, mix the two ingredients gently. Lightly twist your orange zest over the drink and place into your cocktail

The Cocktail

A staple ‘welcome’ drink at receptions and gatherings due to its ease of making and light fresh celebratory flavour and bubbles.


Bartender Tip:

A Bucks Fizz is the same 2 ingredients as a Mimosa, just in different ratio of Champagne to Orange! The Bucks Fizz is 2:1 and the Mimosa is 1:1

Recommended Glass
Champagne flute

Tasting profile