Bloody Mary

4 minutes /
Bloody Mary
50 ml 2 oz Vodka
100 ml 4 oz Tomato juice
10 ml 0.5 oz Fresh lemon juice
6 Dashes Tabasco sauce
4 Dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 pinch of Black pepper
1 pinch of Celery salt
1 Celery stick

1 Prepare

Prepare your lemon, and trim your celery stick and any other personal garnishes

2 Ice

Fill both your highball and mixing glass with ice

3 Add ingredients

Pour all your ingredients over the iced mixing glass

4 Stir and taste

Using your barspoon, stir and fold all the ingredients together. Sip a little and amend the balance / spiciness to taste

5 Strain

Using your julep strainer, strain the mix from the mixing to highball glass

6 Garnish and serve

Slide your celery stick down into your cocktail

The Cocktail

The Bloody Mary will soon celebrate it’s 100th Birthday…100 years of being the go to cocktail for brunches, on aeroplanes and for hangovers!! A unique Savoury cocktail with a true multi-flavour mix of sweet, sour, salt, umami and spicy!


Bartender Tip:

A fantastic cocktail to personalise. Find your own twist or spice for that unique serve. Perhaps try a splash of port/sherry/red-wine into the mix for a bit of depth.

Recommended Glass

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