5 minutes /
45 ml 1.5 oz Gin
15 ml 0.5 oz Maraschino Liqueur
7.5 ml 0.25 oz Crème de violette
15 ml 0.5 oz Lemon juice
1 Lemon zest

1 Prepare

Cut your lemon ready for squeezing and zest for garnish

2 Ice

Fill both your coupe glass and cocktail shaker with cubed ice

3 Add ingredients

Pour in all the ingredients into your shaker

4 Shake

Close the shaker lid and shake really hard for 7 seconds

5 Empty and Strain

Empty your ice in your coupe glass back into your ice bucket. Take off the small top off the shaker and strain out the ingredients into your chilled glass.

6 Garnish and serve

Lightly twist your lemon zest over the drink and gently place into your cocktail

The Cocktail

The crème de violette adds a subtle floral character and light purple / blue colour to this Gin straight up cocktail, inspired by the Early romantic days of aeronautics


Bartender Tip:

Different brands of violettes have quite different colours!


Recommended Glass
Coupe Martini

Tasting profile