Tequila Sunrise

3 minutes /
Tequila Sunrise
50 ml 2 oz Tequila
120 ml 4 oz Orange juice
20 ml 0.75 oz Grenadine
1 Orange wedge

1 Prepare

Slice your orange ready for garnishing

2 Ice

Fill your highball glass with cubed ice

3 Add ingredients

Pour in your tequila and orange juice over the ice

4 Stir

Use your barspoon to stir the drink together (top with ice if required)

5 Grenadine

Pour in the grenadine slowly around the top of the drink

6 Garnish and serve

Slide in your orange Wedge

The Cocktail

Another cocktail that has survived from the disco era, long and colourful with the agave flavours of the tequila, the fresh citrus and the sweet syrup.


Bartender Tip:

Some like to layer the grenadine at the bottom whilst others drizzle from the top. Create your own ‘sunrise’ effect.

Recommended Glass

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